Write For Us

With over a thousand casinos in the United States alone, and an equal, if not greater number of casino apps, online gambling websites, and other digital casinos available, there’s no way we can cover them all here. That’s why we need your help.

We’re looking for contributing authors who are willing to share their insight and experiences related to casino gaming. Topics we’re looking for include:

Local Casino Reviews

What games are popular in your local casinos? What events do they usually host, if any? Would you recommend that people passing through your area visit? Why? Are there any particular casinos in your area that have an unusual history or distinctly unique gimmick?

Tips and Advise

Almost everybody has a “I wish I had known about” story related to things they wish they had known when starting out. Here’s your chance to share what YOU wish you had known back in your early days of casino gaming and why. Helping out the newcomers is a great way to help build a better community.

Online and Mobile Casino Recommendations

Which online casino apps or websites give you the best casino experience? Which ones should be avoided at all costs? Which online casinos offered you the best payout options or the best odds?

If you’re interested in contributing to our page, be sure to send your submissions to our email address. Submissions must be 300 – 350 words, in English, and in proper grammar. We’re looking forward to reading your work!