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:: What's this site about, anyway?  

It is the purpose of this site to offer information and links for those individuals interested in building and learning more about one of the most beautiful weapons in the science fiction genre. Yes, I am referring to the pulse rifle as seen in ALIENS. This also happens to be my favorite prop.

A few years ago, I had a vision of what this site needs to be. Time and interest fizzled out and it wasn't until a recent computer crash, losing many valuable links in the process, that sparked a new flame into realizing this vision. Within this site, you will soon find an array of pictures, information, and links dealing with the topics listed on the left. Please keep in mind, this site offers keen interest to the pulse rifle but, if there is something really cool or falls in line with a tangent interest, you will find it here too.

Please excuse the mess while we make this happen. For those of you that have been familiar with the old site, it is still available in its entirety and may be found here. tommin's studios 2004 If you would like to contribute a Pulse Rifle related article, tutorial, or know of a Pulse Rifle related site not listed here please do let me know. My contact info is available at the top right of this page.

A special thank you to all that have given some input to the site so far. The kind feedback has been an unexpected surprise and so inspirational that I had to make some of it available on this site. Click [ HERE ] to view the readers' feedback and shoutbox.

Many thanks,
Team m41a

:: The DeLorean Time Machine: August 22, 2016  

DeLorean Time Machine DMC12


[:: 22.08.16::] Back by popular demand...

This technical illustration is a compilation of five or more individual pieces that I had created in the late 1990’s. They are meticulously based on several physical points of reference and I still retain the original hand inked artwork. These tee shirts will be made available to the public for a limited time only. [ :: read in full :: ]

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:: USCM Locker Control Panel August 28, 2016  


USCM Locker Control Panel


[:: 28.08.16::]
Limited production goals have been met.

[:: 16.08.16::]
Locker control panels are now posting. Grab yours before they are sold out.

[:: 06.08.16::]
The USCM Locker Control panel is a rather obscure set dressing that was utilized in the film ALIENS. Anyone that knows me will confirm that this particular film has captured my imagination since its release in the late ‘80s. To the casual viewer, some of the most notable visuals are things like the characters, definitely the pulse rifle, the creature designs, and maybe even some of the vehicles. The sets for this production, just like the film it sequels, were absolutely incredible. Eventually, I would hope that my entertainment room will reflect the spirit of many of those sets through acquisition or direct fabrication of my own. There is no exception with this particular piece and I am pleased to finally have the opportunity to share some of my work with fellow enthusiasts. This offer is for a limited time only.

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:: Excellent News!! 1:18 Scale APC 03.06.14:  
HCG Exclusive Aliens M577 Armored Personnel Carrier
 ^ Click Image(s) for additional views ^
BTW, please utilize my site referral when ordering. This helps to support m41a.com. Danke.

HCG Exclusive ALIENS M577 Armored Personnel Carrier

We are thrilled to announce the first from our new Officially Licensed Aliens collection - the Aliens APC!

Presented for the first time in a large-scale format, this intricately detailed model is in glorious 1:18 scale, measuring a very impressive 20" long! Using the original blueprints as reference, no detail has been spared making this the most accurate recreation possible.

The APC features moveable gun turrets and rotating wheels, and is authentically weathered for added realism. It is complete with a separate Aliens themed display base, designed to replicate the floor tiles of the Sulaco.

Our HCG Exclusive version also comes with Alien roadkill! This highly detailed Alien Warrior has been cut in two by the speeding APC, and is supplied in two separate pieces for a multitude of display options. Also included with the HCG Exclusive version is a high quality 21" x 14" print of the APC blueprints and specs sheet!

As with all Hollywood Collectibles pieces this museum quality scale model is constructed from heavyweight polystone and then hand painted to the finest detail.

Limited to just 350 pieces Worldwide!

Aliens M577 Armored Personnel Carrier
 ^ Click Image(s) for additional views ^
BTW, please utilize my site referral when ordering. This helps to support m41a.com. Danke.


ALIENS M577 Armored Personnel Carrier

We are thrilled to announce the first from our new Officially Licensed Aliens collection - the Aliens APC!

Presented for the first time in a large-scale format, this intricately detailed model is in glorious 1:18 scale, measuring a very impressive 20" long! Using the original blueprints as reference, no detail has been spared making this the most accurate recreation possible.

The APC features moveable gun turrets and rotating wheels, and is authentically weathered for added realism. It is complete with a separate Aliens themed display base, designed to replicate the floor tiles of the Sulaco.

As with all Hollywood Collectibles pieces this museum quality scale model is constructed from heavyweight polystone and then hand painted to the finest detail.

Limited to just 1000 pieces Worldwide!

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:: the m41a.com Pulse Rifle(s) of the month! May 2009  
HCG Exclusive Pulse Rifle  


We are very proud to present our much anticipated, officially licensed, Aliens Hero Pulse Rifle! One of the most Iconic movie weapons ever to blast its way onto the big screen, the Pulse Rifle is the weapon of choice for the US Colonial Marines in James Cameron’s Oscar winning “Aliens”.


HCG "Hero"Pulse Rifle
 ^ Click Image(s) for additional views ^
BTW, please utilize my site referral when ordering. This helps to support m41a.com. Danke.



• Aluminum Shrouds the same dimensions as the original “Hero” Pulse Rifle.
• Metal retractable shoulder stock
• Metal barrel vent
• Removable magazine
• Light up LED counter display– sets at “95” when the magazine is inserted
• Moving “Grenade Launcher” pump handle
• Themed wall display plaque
• Accurate “Brown Bess” colored shrouds

Estimated to ship July 2010

[ :: view the complete pulse rifle gallery :: ]

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:: LATEST NEWS JULY 2010!! 30.06.10:  

Mark of Hollywood Collectibles Group was kind enough to see to that I had the opportunity to receive one, of the first two, production PR's to reach the US. How awesome is that! The remaining production PR's are scheduled to ship in five to six weeks and I am certain, that the fans will find this to be exciting news.

Over the last two days, I've taken the time to unpack, examine, and photograph this beautiful replica. It is truly the most amazing production 'blaster' that I have EVER seen in my life. As a modeler and fabricator myself (building several quality PR's in the past) I do have a great appreciation for the thought and craftsmanship that is required to make something like this become a reality. Given the very nature and complexity of a prop such as this, there is no way to win all the hearts and minds of the avid fans of an old film called ALIENS. But I would argue now, more than ever, the people of HCG have managed to do the impossible. The attention to detail, accuracy, features, customer service, and packaging far exceeds the price point that they managed to offer these units.

For those of you that managed to reserve one, you will not be disappointed. The shrouds are comprised of a very durable cast aluminum. The butt stock, barrel, and heat sink are comprised of steel. The grenade launcher pump moves and affects the movement of the 870 bolt. The Thompson's charging handle and bolt are spring loaded and can be pulled back to simulate loading. The magazine is removable and houses the two 'AAA' power supply for the digital counter. The digital counter is static reading, by default, '95'. The butt stock can be adjusted and locked at four lengths, ...and FINALLY someone has produced a screen accurate butt stock!! =)

Over all, this pieces has an incredibly accurate look and feel to it. Some may say that it is a little on the heavy side, but I for one, would not want it any other way. The display wall rack included, is everything they advertised it to be and more. I will simply leave it at that and let the surprise make it to you on its own. =)

In conclusion, I am a builder and collector. Will probably always build as long as I can. I have only positive things to say about this piece. The odds favor that there is probably something here that I forgot to mention but, for now, I will simply be content with being one of the first PROUD owners of the only licensed production pulse rifles from ALIENS in existence, in the US.

Thanks for your time and attention. - Tom

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:: Limited 'HERO' M40 replicas limited production run: Sep, 10.10  

m40 series IV

progress pic: 04.05.10

limited production run 2010

This is it folks. Thanks so much for supporting this last run and helping me to achieve a small dream. All packages have posted and it is time to move on to bigger and better things. I will update a little more in depth later, but for now, just cleaning the slate to make room for other things.

Many thanks,

project m41a

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:: The Tokyo Marui / A.C.M. adapter project: ... 31.08.09  

Airsoft to SPAS 12 adapters: CLICK TO VIEW DEMO

Pulse Rifle adapter kit

Adapter project 27.12.07

Adapter project 16.01.08

Adapter project 15.02.08

Getting ready to start another limited production run of these airsoft adapters. If interested, please send me a message with 'airsoft adapter' in the subject line.

UPDATE: 27.12.07 The second limited production run of TM / ACM airsoft adapters is almost ready to post. See the third image. The specialty steel stock is still on backorder and this was the component of the project that was the least of my concerns. I am hoping to get this wrapped up asap considering my own investment in the job. The limbo has been getting a little uncomfortable.

UPDATE: 16.01.08 I managed to acquire the remaining inventory of steel tubing from another supplier in Clark county. See fourth picture. Over the last few days, I've been working to cut and surface these to the proper length. As suspected, this dimension is being phased out as an industry standard and this product appears to have been exposed to the elements for some time. I will be applying rust treatment and resurfacing them this coming weekend. Almost there.

UPDATE: 15.02.08 Postage instructions have been sent. See fifth picture. The adapters are now shipping.

UPDATE: 26.03.08 All current adapter purchases have been posted. The few remaining are still available on a first come first serve basis.

UPDATE: 14.05.08 There are only a few adapter kits remaining. Getting ready to close down this project to make room for the next limited production run of the m40 'hero' replicas. If you want to get an adapter kit, don't delay. It could be some time before I offer this again.

UPDATE: 05.08.08 Only three complete adapter kits remaining.

UPDATE: 09.04.09 I've finished out 14 extra complete adapter kits. Two of these have already been claimed. Current waiting list takes priortiy.

UPDATE: 01.05.09 There are ten complete adapter kits remaining. The waiting list has been notified. These are now available on a first come first serve basis.

UPDATE: 12.06.09 There are currently four complete adapter kits remaining.

Many thanks,

Limited Production Run: '09

Limited Production Run: '08
confirmedNo Scholl





[ :: How it works :: ]

[ :: Limited Production Run 30.07.05 :: ]

P.S.: No groundbreaking news on the OEM SPAS 12 handguard. However, that order is still in the works. Stay tuned.

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:: WEBSITES!! 20.12.07  

From time to time, I receive requests for web site design and graphics consultation...
[ :: read in full :: ]

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:: Another PR variant spotted: ... 03.08.07  
Independence War Special Edition Defiance

While viewing a 'theatrical' trailer for a new PC game, we've spotted yet another stage appearance of the pulse rifle. The dialogue, as well as the game, appears to be exclusively German and there is no 'proper' translation currently available. In any event, the PR as well as the game, looks very sharp. Check it out.

[ :: Independence War Special Edition Defiance :: ]

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:: HCG Pulse Rifle: 05.07.07  

"It is referenced from the Hero PR we acquired from Bapty's and also the dual action unit (the one you feature on your website)...
...One thing I will reveal is that the "shroud" will be aluminum and exactly the same as the original Hero's...
...No plans at the moment for one in kit form. Never say never though."

If you are here for the first time or a regular visitor, you may want to read up on this one.
[ :: :: ]

Many thanks,
Team m41a

:: '05 MIM Pulse Rifle with upgrades: ... 04.07.07  
MIM Pulse Rifle

The images and commentary that follows outlines my take on the '05 monsters in motion pulse rifle kit. It includes, what I think, is a nice blend of components offered by several online providers as well as a few of our own BBC members. The following walk through...

[ :: read in full :: ]

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:: Cool News: New sponsors on the ready line! 01.07.07  

Please give a warm welcome to Hollywood Collectibles Group. The company offers a wide range of movie memorabillia including prop replicas and has recently granted sponsorship to this site. You will find a few products listed on the left that may be of interest to you.

The FIFTH ELEMENT Korben Dallas Blaster: "To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this Oscar nominated Science Fiction classic, we have produced what is perhaps the ultimate prop replica from the Fifth Element – the Korben Dallas Blaster. To ensure authenticity it has been molded directly from the screenused “Hero” live firing blaster used in the movie extensively by both Korben Dallas and Leeloo. Weighing over two pounds the feel and heft of the original has also been duplicated. It also features working electronics, just like the original!" [ :: read in full :: ]

The FIFTH ELEMENT Police Blaster: "To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Oscar nominated Science Fiction classic The Fifth Element, Hollywood Collectibles Group have created a highly detailed and accurate replica of the Police Blaster. To ensure authenticity the piece has been molded directly from a screen-used original. Weighing in at two and a half pounds and measuring 16” in length, the feel and heft of the original has also been duplicated. Working electronics further enhance the piece." [ :: read in full :: ]

PREDATOR 1:1 Scale Bio Helmet: "To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the original Predator movie Hollywood Collectibles Group have joined forces with acclaimed special effects house Stan Winston Studios to create the first ever screen accurate Bio Helmet. Produced from the exact same molds used to create this iconic creature 20 years ago."
[ :: read in full :: ]

Stay tuned to this one, people. They've got something else in the works that may be of interest to you.

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:: Received!! : ... 26.06.07  

Bapty Photograph

"This 28" wide 1:1 scale photo was taken at Bapty's in London during the creation of the ALIENS Pulse Rifle in 1985. The subject is the 10 hole vent hero Pulse Rifle prop. The photo is black and white and shows the left side only. It has been scanned from the original 2 piece photo and carefully spliced together by one of the forum's expert graphic artists." [ :: read in full :: ]

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:: Received!! : ... 25.04.07  

Promo Poster

"Based on a theoretical sales-drive by ARMAT Industries, following the rifle's development, this poster has been designed along the lines of those typically sent out by arms companies to prospective military and law-enforcement agencies..." [ :: read in full :: ]

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:: A moment in ebay history: ... 02.04.07  

M40 Pulse Rifle Grenade

Emergency Sale: [ :: my butt in the wind :: ]

This auction includes a completely loaded (25 rounds) and finished m40 pulse rifle grenade ammo box. This is a fan produced item that faithfully replicates the prop used in the blockbuster film ALIENS. [ :: read in full :: ]

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:: Another PR variant spotted: ... 20.02.07  

"Hi Tom - you can publish that material. If you have any questions, don´t be shy to ask. The actual homepage for the movie is: real-buddy.com - Frank Mirbach, the director of the movie, may contact you too. He is very interested in any way of publicty for his project. - The PR variant was scratch-build by me. It is a complete Pulse Rifle (i built some time before the movie was started) to which I added the front M16 clip with mag catch and the upper "upgrade" with a 40mm grenade launcher." - Ralf Burmester

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:: LEGO™ ready pulse rifle: ... 20.2.07  

LEGO Pulse Rifle

"Are you having problems with a Xeno-species infestation? Eradicate them with the M41A 'Xeno' Pulse Rifle. Guaranteed to reduce them to piles of quivering exoskeletal chunks. (Note: Acid cleanup not included.)"

[ :: read in full :: ]

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:: Cool News: Terminator Endo Arm 05.12.06  

"Tom's Terminator Endoskeleton arm tutorial is THE best tutorial we've ever seen... and its all about modelling your own custom arm. After a few e-mails back and forth, Tom and TerminatorFiles are now proud to present you with a whole new FanProject:"

[ :: read in full :: ]

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:: The MASTER REPLICAS motion tracker: ... 23.03.06  

MR Motion Tracker

There are few things that accent a good pulse rifle quite like an excellent motion tracker. This is an officially licensed piece direct from Master Replicas. It is one of a limited edition production of 2500 units and one of the most impressive commercially produced replicas I have ever had the good fortune to own. Mine is number 248. For those of you that have not already handled one, here are a few images of mine. [ :: tracker pics :: ]

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:: MIM Pulse Rifle shroud package: ... 23.03.06  

There is a considerable amount of resin that must be removed from the inside portion of the monsters in motion pulse rifle kit. I performed this very same operation on my own shroud package to fit the Tokyo Marui AEG adapter some time ago. It is necessary to complete this 'stock' kit as well. A detailed tutorial is coming soon...

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:: Finishing up a collection of foregrips: ... 23.03.06  

I've just put the finishing touches on several different resin SPAS 12 foregrip replicas. Detailed product review and finishing tips will be added as time permits. It is good to know that 'other' options exist should the SPAS 12 PARTS order fall through.

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:: A superior grip installation PART III: ... 23.03.06  

For anyone that might be interested in upgrading the Tokyo Marui AEG factory grip, there is an excellent aftermarket grip being made for it. Installation and finishing tutorial will be added very soon.

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:: Group order for screen accurate slings?: ... 23.03.06  

Package received recently that included a sample product of a screen accurate pulse rifle sling. This is a very professionaly made accessory and I do hope to make a bulk order for more in the near future.

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:: A superior grip installation PART II: ... 23.03.06  

Since the release of the original tutorial, covering a simple modification, to the monsters in motion pulse rifle kit, there has been a number of requests for the hardware package that was utilized there. This custom hardware package is now available for a limited time.

Only $12.00 USD each shipped to all continental US destinations.


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:: Cutting the SPAS 12 hanguard: ... 26.02.06  

This is a question that often comes up, so I decided that it was time someone did a simple pictoral guideline. I've had to cut a lot of these recently, and I figured others might need something like this.

In general, I made most of my cuts into the cage using... [ :: read in full :: ]

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:: Thompson M1A1 stockpile found!!! ... 11.01.06  

Here is a little something for the avid weapons collectors who may feel it is a disgrace to convert such a rare piece of WWII memorabilia to a science fiction display. The other alternative...

[ :: The Arms Dump... :: ]

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:: A superior grip installation: ... 10.01.06  

Some of you that may be working on the MIM re-release pulse rifle kit might have noticed that the grip installation procedure is quite vague. Based on what I can see, that solid grip it is designed...

[ :: read in full :: ]

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:: Grenade Launcher Front Blocks... 04.01.06  

All metal and ready to install, standard SD equipment; these grenade launcher front blocks are the highest quality upgrade components I have ever seen. Delivery time and communication was above par and I plan to place another order in the near future.

Several of the different parts from this order will be utilized in a future tutorial. Stay tuned. More to come.

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:: The $16.00 Home Depot G.L. project: ... 03.01.06  

Here is a little project that I've developed over the holiday break. The ultimate goal is to modify the static MIM resin handguard so that it appears to cycle shells. The walk through that follows is not an exact science. There was a lot of head scratching and reverse engineering involved with this little project...

[ :: read in full :: ]

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:: SPAS 12 Handguards 03.01.06  

03.01.06: An email update should be made available by the end of this week. Sorry for the wait everyone.

14.08.05: I've had quite a few requests for these and am excited to announce that I've found a European supplier for SPAS 12 handguards. As individual sets, they are quite expensive and the last thing I would want to do is pass out contact info and watch the price sky rocket, if you know what I mean. My plan is to organize a group order to get these into the states and dispatch them once they've arrived.

With a group order like I'm imagining, the consolidated buying power will allow us to get these for around $160.00 USD shipped. This is a set; handguard & pump foregrip. If you would like to be on my mailing list for additional information about this order, please contact me as soon as possible and BE SURE TO PUT SPAS 12 PARTS IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR MESSAGE. Will see if this is going to be possible.

Many thanks,
Team m41a

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:: The Tokyo Marui adapter project: ... 30.07.05  

I've had quite a few requests for additional information on my new Tokyo Marui AEG to SPAS handguard adapter and thought it would be a great opportunity archive a very successful project now that the packages have all been shipped...

[ :: read in full :: ]

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:: The Simpsons' Pulse Rifle: ... 30.05.05  

The Lastest Gun in the West
Season 13, Ep 12

Bart has a day that gets better and better, until it starts really sucking when a crazy dog that hates him for no known reason starts stalking him. Bart is chased by the dog and he escapes from the dog by climbing a fence into the yard of Buck McCoy, a former star of western films... [ :: read in full :: ]

A big thanks to Jörg.

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:: my latest project: ... 19.05.05  

Some of you may already know that I've been working out a new way to attach a Tokyo Marui Thompson M1A1 to a SPAS 12 handguard. For those of you that haven't heard, I've managed to perfect the prototype and put together a little demonstration of this time saving adapter.

[ :: read in full :: ]

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:: PR metal upgrade kits available now!! ... 27.02.05  

'...the parts are in production. I went ahead and set up a hotmail account so I can keep things better organized. Send me an email to b9factory@hotmail.com
I will then forward to you the payment info. Payment can be by paypal or postal money order.
As stated earlier, a 20.00 deposit will hold your order,...'

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:: my latest project: ... 27.02.05  

It's been a while since my last update. So what in the world has Tom been working on, lately? M40 Pulse Rifle Grenade replicas. What else? 8^)

[ :: read in full :: ]

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:: TOOL TIME scratch building the front block ... 16.01.05  

Direct from Germany, a nice tutorial that covers scratch building the PR grenade launcher front block out of stock aluminum. You will want to pay close attention to the garage tools of choice and keep in mind, this Thompson upper and lower receiver ( shown left ) was fabricated with similar techniques. A special thanks to Stephan / Pulseriflefan of the for bringing this tutorial to life.

Click HERE to launch the tutorial and please, enjoy the show. 8^)

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:: Julie Strain Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 ... 15.01.05  
Julie Strain Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2

Here is another great appearance for those of you collecting anything and everything related to the pulse rifle. Julie Strain, once again showing off the goods on the cover of PCXL magazine. There is a slight possibility that there may be additional publicity shoots floating around from this era. One thing mentioned, was a calendar available at the premier of F.A.K.K. 2 in the U.K. If you have any info about this, please do let me know.

The make and fate of this particular pulse rifle is not currently known...

PC Accelerator January 2000 No. 17
'One Bad Ass Fighting Femme
big hair, big guns, and great big titillating secrets about F.A.K.K. 2'
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:: Before and After ALIENS 14.01.05  
Bapty Props LTD.

A little history about the original pulse rifles from Bapty Props LTD.

I've been most fortunate to open a dialogue with a source close to Bapty Props LTD, of the UK recently and have been given permission to publish most of the information that they have been so generous with. For obvious security and privacy reasons, some information ( e.g. visual and text ) has been withheld and will not be disclosed on this site, nor anywhere else, period.

A special thanks to one gentlemen in particular, ( You know who you are. 8^) ) who took quite a bit of time out, from several busy days, to answer all of my questions and make this article possible.

This information has been gathered and verified to the best of our abilities. However, as avid collectors and enthusiasts of the ALIENS Saga should anyone who has prior knowledge which contradicts this or simply complements this with a greater depth then we absolutely welcome your opinions to expand this site and further our understanding of the Pulse rifle and its history.

[ :: read in full :: ]

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:: Battle Queen 2020 Pulse Rifle ( 2000 ) ... 07.01.05  
Julie Strain Battle Queen 2020

Pulse Rifle spotted as screen used prop weapon in straight to DVD film BattleQueen 2020.

'It is the year 2020, and Earth is in the grip of a new Ice Age brought on by the impact of a giant asteroid. Most of the human population is dead, and for those who survive, resources are few and far between. Most people have been reduced to eking out destitute existences in underground warrens beneath the ruins of wrecked cities (though for all anyone knows, there is only one living city left), depending on scraps and handouts to survive. The city above is ruled by a domineering group of men known as "the Elite", who control access to all resources such as food, power, etc., and who enforce that control with the business end of a gun. To them, the "underground dwellers" are little more than a slave population from whom these "Elite" pluck young men to indoctrinate into their armies and young women to serve as their "mistresses" (a fancy term for "sex objects"), along kidnapping others for still more sinister purposes... '
[ :: read in full :: ]

Copies of Battle Queen 2020 starring Julie Strain as Gayle may still be found at Amazon.

DVD box art
...click either of these images for a hi-res jpeg version.
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:: Spyder Classic / One PAINTBALL kit 07.01.05  
Spyder Classic Pulse Rifle Conversion

This is a 1:1 scale replica of the Colonial Marine Corps M41A Pulse Rifle made to fit the Spyder classic/one. This kit is made from vacuum formed .090 plastic. Measures 27 inches long and 10 inches high. A 13 inch barrel or longer is needed. If any other style other than the Spyder Classic/One the marker must be sent in for the fitting. [ :: read in full :: ]

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:: Transvision VAMP 05.01.05  
Click image for Hi-Res version.

"Other productions, I don't actually think they were used in any major productions but I do know a Punk rock band named 'Transvision Vamp' hired the dual unit for a photo of the lead singer holding it for the cover of there album called 'revolution baby'. I do have a photo of the album cover but its not good quality, when I dig it out I'll send it. The PR had bits stuck on it but can clearly make it out and it even had its sling then which its subsequently lost."

<-- Click image for Hi-Res version.

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:: FREE weapons for QUAKE 3 ARENA :: 04.01.05  
M41a Pulse Rifle by: Janus / skin by: Chemical Burn
Janus' PR for Quake III


"The M41a Pulse Rifle used by all good Space Marines, from the movie, Aliens.
Machine Gun and Grenade Launcher weapon replacement Parts Replaced: Model, Skin, Sounds."

Good looking gun this, and it replaces both the Machinegun and the Granade Launcher! So don't have any other grenade launcher (wep4) replacemets in your baseq3 directory. [ :: read in full :: ]

Authors websites: Janus - Chemical Burn's BaneForge

Colt M41A Pulse Rifle by: Edmund "Buster Charlie" Dupont
Buster's PR for Quake III Description

"The Colt M41A 10mm pulse-action automatic rifle with a 30mm pump-action grenade launcher.
• Replaces Machinegun and/or Grenade launcher
• New Model, texture, and shader
• New Flash model, texture, and shader
• New Tracer skin
• New Bulletmark decal
• New Ammobox Icons
• New Firing Sounds (Ripped from Aliens Vs Predator - Modified by DiGGySpiFF)
• New Animation
• Full LOD's
[ :: read in full :: ]

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:: Arming the Corps... 02.01.05  
Arming the Corps by Geoff Topping

British freelance armourers Andrew Fletcher and Simon Atherton discuss their respective work on ALIENS / ALIEN 3 and ALIEN WAR.

For those of you interested in a bit of the history and origin of the pulse rifle, this article is a must read. Author Geoff Topping of Sci-Fi & Fantasy FX magazine conducted an extensive interview with two of the original armourers from the ALIEN(S) sets. Unfortunately, I do not know the exact date of this original publication, but it appears to be around 1999 shortly after the release of the Bond film, 'The World is Not Enough'. Andrew Fletcher and Simon Atherton speak in extensive detail about their role in this film as well as JUDGE DREDD and a few others.

Most importantly to this site, they speak of the development and inevitable dismantling of the most captivating sci-fi weapon of all time. The pulse rifle. In addition to this, they cover their involvement in the design and development of the Smartguns as well as the Remote Sentry Guns as seen in ALIENS among a few other weapons from that very same genre.

Unfortunately, Sci-Fi and Fantasy FX. magazine ceased publication at issue #53. BACK ISSUES may still be available.

With help from one of our readers, I've managed to secure scans of this complete article and am pleased to be able to offer this historical interview in its entirety on this site. Click HERE for complete html version.

...or click any of these images for a hi-res jpeg version.
click for hi-res jpeg version click for hi-res jpeg version click for hi-res jpeg version click for hi-res jpeg version click for hi-res jpeg version click for hi-res jpeg version
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:: Pulse Rifle spotted! Cover of Jettison 01.01.05  
Click image for Hi-Res version.

A special thanks to SCI-FIREARMS for initially spotting the appearance of this book.

Rigel Sector spaceships have gone unexplainably missing. Sat Fleet headquarters is bringing the USS Nantuckett, badly damaged but not destroyed, back into service. Martin K. Daniels, the court-marshaled former captain of the... [ :: read in full :: ]

<-- Click image for Hi-Res version.

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:: Seven piece PULSE RIFLE resin kit 01.01.05  
1/6 Scale Pulse Rifle Kit

An exceptionally detailed piece and surprisingly enough, it is scaled down to accessorize your 1/6 scale colonial marine.

This 1/6 scale M41A Pulse Rifle is a real beauty and possibly the most accurate kit of its kind available. The mold master was created by Al Monthei, and it is super. Crisp detail all around... simply the best. [ :: read in full :: ]

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:: Compiling 'The List' 03.11.07  
As I continue to develop the menus and subcategories for this site, this table will be a staging point for the links that I gather. If you have any suggestions for links or even subcategories that I've missed, please don't hesitate to let me know.
The Armory



Kits http://www.spatcave.com/spulse.htm
Conversion Kits http://m41amodelkit.com/shop.htm
Thompson m1a1
Real & Replicas


M1A1 AEG Airsoft



Everything else


Technical & Engineering


Free Stuff http://www.tk560.com/howtoguides.html


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:: FREE Pulse Rifle kit! 29.12.2004  
Papercraft Pulse Rifle

And here we go!!!....Yes as you can see in the last picture,the M41-A Pulse Rifle is constructed in 1:1 scale. The whole papercraft is at the 30 sheets of A4 format of the paper.It is over 200 marked parts..but dont worry.......:o) .Level of laboriousnes is 3.5/5...so it is not too hard work... for middle skilful builder. And in the end....model has some moving parts..so what are you waiting for? [ :: read in full :: ]

Jan Rüker of ALIENS Papercraft-Paperove Modely

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:: A new pulse rifle kit.... maybe?? 28.12.2004  
Dreadnaught-Industries Pulse Rifle

So, I've been working on a styrene and resin PR kit. Tons of parts, lots of detail, cast from real M1A1 and SPAS parts when I could, scratchbuilt when I couldn't. I still have to set up a new magazine basepad (the one in it is a spacer, because I realised I had forgotten to machine one when I slapped all the parts together for this picture), but it is almost ready to go.

Half the weight, half the price

Wakal of dreadnaught-industries.com

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:: Latest News 09.01.2004  

Welcome back people. You may have noticed that I've taken a wrecking ball to the old place to make room for the new site. No worries. The original galleries and tutorials have been saved and may still be found here. tommin's studios 2004 Today, I'm starting to make some significant progress with the menus and subdirectories for the site. Currently, it is about 80% there. Please bear with me while I get everything locked back down.

This site will never be completely finished as I intend to make regular updates as the information comes in and currently am working on another fantastic article. As always, if you would like to contribute any related articles, tutorials, or know of a pulse rifle related site that is not already listed, please do let me know about it. If you would like to offer parts or complete kits from your own collection, those are welcome here too. My contact info is located at the very top of this page.

Many thanks,
Team m41a

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:: Important Disclaimer 09.01.2004  

This is a fan produced, owned, and operated web site. Affiliation to 20th Century Fox is neither expressed nor implied. From time to time, there will be articles offered for sale here. I can only be held accountable for my own trades / transactions and not for other vendors that may advertise here. Any item offered from my personal collection will be flagged as such. Will work up a graphic and details for that very soon.

As for any articles regarding the history and origin of the pulse rifle, this information has been gathered and verified to the best of our abilities. However, as avid collectors and enthusiasts of the ALIENS Saga should anyone who has prior knowledge which contradicts this or simply complements this with a greater depth then we absolutely welcome your opinions to expand this site and further our understanding of the Pulse rifle and its history.

Many thanks,
Team m41a

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:: If you would like to help support this site... 15.01.2004  

Since the time of initializing this site, several requests have come in with regards to support. Wow! I do appreciate the thought, fellas!! So far, the domain and server has been self sufficient but if you would like to offer a link back to this site, there are a few options that follow. Simply select the banner or button that would best fit your site. Copy/paste the corresponding code on to the html of your page(s) and it's good to go.

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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