About Us

Fans of the Aliens franchise will most likely recognize the name of our website as the same name given to the high tech rifle used by the space marines to fight the aliens. The rifle is shown to be portable, versatile, functional, and easy to use. That’s what we want to be for you, our readers:


With a website designed for portable viewing over the phone or tablet, we want to be able to provide you with fun facts, informative news, and relevant articles, and we want to do this for you wherever you have internet access.


Rather than focus on just one aspect of casino games, whether real-world or digital, we aim to give you a variety of topics, ranging from relevant news, to short lists you can enjoy during your daily commute or during your breaks at work,


Information is ammunition. Not only do we want to provide you with information that’s fun and informative, but also relevant. From laws regarding gambling and casinos, to events around the country, we’ve got you covered.

Easy To Use

With a simple blog layout with articles that have categorized keywords, it will be easy for you to filter out articles or to search for a specific article you’ve read before. Information should come easily, rather than be an uphill battle to find.

Whether you’re a veteran of the real-world and digital casinos, or a newbie facing the wide world of casinos for the first time, let us be your trusted partner in your casino adventure!