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Casino On The Go: The Most Popular Casino Games For Mobile Phones

When gaming apps first started becoming popular, the app stores slowly but surely filled up with a ton of different casino-themed games, mostly of the slots variety. At first, it seemed like it was only old people who lived too far from any decent casinos who would play those games, throwing money at virtual slot machines in hopes of a decent payout. Over the past few years, that’s changed quite a bit.

Now, serious players put a lot of money into online casinos while actual physical casinos are also starting to explore gambling on the virtual front. A lot of people are interested in getting into gambling via these mobile apps, but with literally thousands of choices available, where do you start? Let us help you with that!

Jackpot City

Available for both Android and iOS, Jackpot city offers free membership unlimited play for its games. This is important as not all of the apps are compatible on both Android and iOS, and a lot only let you play a certain number of times per day. With eleven different casino games to choose from including blackjack and roulette, Jackpot City is not only a good starting point; it may also be the only casino app you ever need.

Royal Panda

If you’re looking for the casino experience without the risk (and consequently rewards) of actual gambling, Royal Panda may be the app for you. It provides a very user-friendly interface for its many games. It also offers a range of promos and offers for new players, creating a very welcoming feel for the app. People looking for real money betting and payouts may look for more eventually, though.

Vegas Paradise

An online casino created by gamblers, for gamblers, Vegas Paradise was created as a labor of love and dedication, with the creators studying every aspect needed to run a successful real-world casino and applying it to a virtual one. Unlimited plays with a lifetime membership ensure that you’ll be coming back again and again for the authentic casino feel that few other online casinos manage to achieve.

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When You’re Dealt A Bad Hand: Why Online Poker Isn’t As Popular As It Used To Be

In the mid 2000’s, the world seemed to have been overtaken by Poker fever: poker tournaments were getting featured on ESPN, people everywhere were buying poker kits in beautiful cases, complete with decks of cards and poker chips. After a few years, the trend moved online with virtual casinos and online poker games and apps becoming huge draws. But just as fast as the craze hit, it faded away.

Here’s why we think the craze died out:

Fads never last

Poker, like a lot of other games, isn’t for everybody. That’s not to say that not everybody can play it; what it means is not everybody will play it with the passion that the pros do. So after the initial rush of owning a poker set and setting up a poker night with friends, the craze eventually died down, leaving only those who either really loved the game, or loved its social aspect remaining at the tables.

“Cashless” betting options

After the hit videogame CS:Go became one of the most popular online games today, it introduced the concept of “skin gambling” where players could bet cosmetic items for their avatars for the chance to win more valuable cosmetic items. This gave players a more appealing venue for gambling as skins could be earned without having to shell out cash.

Since people can spend real money to purchase these skins from other players, the allure of being able to make money without spending much drew online gamblers to this more lucrative online gambling game.

Skill Gaps

One of the more harrowing feelings of joining the matchmaking queue of an online poker game is knowing that the people you’re playing against can be significantly better than you. A lot of people argue that gambling is about luck, which evens the playing field. Well, from experience, that may be true for slots, but definitely not for poker, where skill is a huge factor. This skill gap can make playing considerably less fun.

Did you used to play poker, whether online or at a real table? Do you still play? We’d love to hear from you about why you stopped playing, or why you still love the game to this day!

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Stacked Deck: Gambling And Casinos In Popular Media

While gambling and casino games have featured prominently in TV and movies over the years in shows and films like Maverick and other westerns, there have been some movies and shows in recent years that don’t just have gambling and casino games as an element, but rather as the focus. Here are a few of those shows and movies that we feel are a must watch:


Anime, or Japanese animation, has steadily grown as an industry, evolving far beyond kid’s cartoons. One good example is Kakeguri. The plot revolves around a school where students are graded based on their gambling skills and how an upstart obsessive gambler will turn the current school hierarchy on its head. Definitely not your usually cartoon experience, and definitely not something you can watch with the kids!

Casino Royale

Chronologically the first of the Bond stories, the movie revolves around British secret agent James Bond trying to infiltrate and stop an arms deal from going down. Daniel Craig is brilliant as a more action-centric and physical Bond as compared to the previous stars who filled Bond’s shoes. A high-stakes poker game is the focus on this fun, exciting spy thriller.


In this movie, a recovering gambling addict finds himself pulled back into the world of gambling in order to help a friend who’s in deep trouble with some loan sharks. What it lacks in action, it makes up for in slick gambling, doing a great job of capturing the imagination of its viewers. This is one of the movies credited with helping start the poker boom.


The visual proof that math is evil, 21 revolves around a group of students who prove that through calculations and math, you can make a lot of money in a casino by working the odds and counting cards. A fun movie all around, it should be noted, however, that while the movie was based on a true story, the students and teacher involved were mostly Chinese rather than American.

God of Gamblers

A fun blend of kung-fu, gambling, and comedy, God of Gamblers revolves around a down-on-his-luck gambler coming across an amnesiac master gambler. As they journey together, making money through gambling while trying to stay out of trouble, the gambling master’s shady past slowly comes to light.

What are your favorite gambling movies? Do you have a movie that you always watch before heading to the casino to psyche yourself up?